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Organic agriculture :
a global challenge

Consumer patterns have been changing over the past several years. Consumer demand for organic products is now growing very strongly. Farmers are central to the organic challenge. As things stand today, consumer demand is outstripping production capacity.

INNOVABIO by TIMAC AGRO gives farmers practical solutions for optimising their yields and promoting a productive model for organic agriculture.

Innovating today for a better tomorrow

At INNOVABIO, we support farmers who already farm organically, and those transitioning to organic methods, by offering them fertilising solutions that deliver high added value. As preferred partners, we work with them to support their development and performance. As the dedicated organic agriculture subsidiary of TIMAC AGRO, our approach to organic is both visionary and groundbreaking. Our ability to offer new products positions us as a leader in this fast-growing market.

Our core expertise

The creation and manufacture of innovative products, from natural organic fertilisers for use in organic agriculture to soil improvers, biofertilisers and many others

Our commitments

  • To improve yields without compromising natural cycles
  • To improve the nutritional qualities of harvested crops

Our assets

  • Committed teams that work alongside farmers who already farm organically, and those transitioning to organic methods
  • Innovative products that deliver high added value
  • Strict regulatory compliance
  • Greater knowledge of organic production techniques
  • Tailormade support and advice

Our ethos

At INNOVABIO, we adopt a technical ethos. We offer a broad range of solid and liquid products for use during the growing season and in fallow periods. Our products target precise functions to help farmers address the full range of the issues they face.

Our products are designed to amplify and optimise the natural mechanisms of soil and plant dynamics. So we offer farmers the opportunity to focus their efforts on all the functions essential for the healthy development of crops throughout their life cycle. Our solutions for organic livestock farming are designed on the basis of exactly the same ethos.