Expertise, capability and entrepreneurial thos

Our ambition is to give new strength and centrality to organic agriculture. With a dedicated team of R&D, field sales, manufacturing and other experts, we are fully committed to succeeding in this ambitious challenge.

Manufacturing capability

INNOVABIO products are manufactured in the production facilities of TIMAC AGRO. Its high-performance equipment and flexible, responsive production processes are all valuable assets of this exceptional manufacturing resource.

Tailormade advice

The technical sales teams of TIMAC AGRO make us the only company in the market to have direct contact with the world of agriculture, its distributors and the farmers themselves. All our technical sales experts work in partnership with farms to help them achieve their expectations and meet their needs

Exclusive agronomic solutions

The researchers of the Roullier World Innovation Centre (CMI) have an exceptional level of knowledge about the physical chemistry of soils and plants, and work continuously to improve plant uptake of bio-efficient fertilisers. We use seaweed, plant, organic matter and other extracts to create complete ranges of new solutions for organic agriculture.

Proven technological capability

From Brazil to Morocco, the USA to Austria and France to Italy, our worldwide network of production units gives us an optimal level of knowledge and understanding about our markets and the local presence essential for understanding the needs of our customers. Using and converting the finest raw materials is central to everything we do.