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The root system:
An ecosystem in its own right

The root system does much more than simply anchor the plant in the soil; it is an ecosystem in its own right, and essential for healthy crop development.

As the essential link between the soil and the crop, the root system allows the plant to take care of its own needs by capturing water and minerals over variable areas of soil (from 2.5 mm for phosphorus to 20 mm for nitrate). So broad root spread is a necessity.

This root spread zone – or rhizosphere – is also a very important environment for life and interaction. The plant secretes root exudates (organic acids, sugars and other carbon compounds) and promotes the reproduction of microorganisms.

In return, all these biological processes contribute to healthy plant development by providing mineral inputs, maintaining the ideal micro-pH, contributing to soil water content, etc.

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In organic agriculture, working and stimulating the development of the root system and the microorganisms in the rhizosphere allow crops to assimilate more minerals for greater yield in terms not only of quantity, but also quality.

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